Month: July 2020

A Drink’s Best Accompaniment!

#3 on deck! Here are some lovely parasols… which look a lot like the umbrellas used for fancy drinks. Actually I think they probably are, given how thin the paper looks. That’s an incredibly close-up shot then. The only problem I have when these are served with drinks is that […]

Artistic ABCs!

Here’s postcard #2 of the unknown bundle! I know that “unknown bundle” bears a negative connotation, but I mean to criticize myself rather than the cards. ‘Cause these cards are rockin’! Love this artistic alphabet card, it’s adorable and filled with so many things to look at and admire! Thank […]

The Flower from the Unknown!

I received this postcard from… actually I don’t really remember where XD This along with a few other ones coming up were cards I received in 2013-ish, and they were blank in an envelope. Needless to say, I don’t have the envelope any more. My guess based on some of […]

All Steamed Up!

Here’s a postcard from Scotland! Featured is the Waverley, the world’s last operating paddle steamer, traversing the waters of Millport Bay. I’ll talk a bit more about the Waverley later, but let’s first establish what Millport is! Millport is the only town located on the island of Great Cumbrae, which […]

Remote But United!

I got this awesome online Postcrossing meetup card from Finland! This meetup was held in May and had 43 attendees! (There’s a spot on the back of the card to list that info!) Now let’s take a look at this artwork – this is just too darn adorable <3 I […]

The Sky (City) Is the Limit!

This postcard arrived from New Mexico! Welcome to Acoma Pueblo, the “Sky City”, located a bit west of Albuquerque (so somewhat central-west NM). Acoma Pueblo is a Native American pueblo – and by “pueblo”, I mean a sort of indigenous town, particularly in the Southwest, with buildings made of stone, […]

The Queen of the North Sea!

This Official Postcrossing card came to me from Germany! This is a multiview of the northernmost island of Germany – Sylt! Sylt is just off the coast of the northwestern corner of the country, and it actually extends a bit beyond its border with Denmark. Known as the “Queen of […]

Talking About My Personal Stupa!

I received this Official Postcrossing card from Indonesia! This was back in a time when the Postcrossing IDs for Indonesia were only at five digits. Now they’re at like 20. Okay that was an exaggeration. This one here shows a sight that I’ve talked about a number of times AND […]

Get’cher Free Water!

This one is a recent card sent to me from South Dakota! As I don’t talk much about SD, this state is in kind of the mid-northern part of the country… but not completely north, as that’s where North Dakota lies… surprise, surprise. Anyway, what’s shown here is a look […]