This postcard came to me from Singapore! This is a cool holographic card featuring Marina Bay Sands of Singapore. This is a bangin’ resort comprised of (but not limited to) a hotel, casino, mall and convention center. I say it so simply but… it’s really a heck of a resort. First of all, it was opened only ten years ago – so it’s super new by standards of APFY research subjects. What’s shown here are the hotels, which are linked at the bottom by a continuous lobby (so you could access any of the towers from there), and as you can see there’s also an overhanging platform atop the towers, making for a sandwich of glitzy awesomeness. Architectural insight here – this is known as a cantilever, which is when something is supported on one side so that the builder can forgo the use of additional support materials. With 67 meters of overhang on the left side here, it qualifies as a cantilever – and the largest cantilever platform in the world, at that! The Marina Bay Sands resort has some other really neat things as well – for example, ever heard of an infinity swimming pool? Bet you’ve at least seen one in pictures – it’s those rooftop pools where the water flows over the edges, making it look like there’s no enclosure for it and that it goes on forever. This is part of the resort’s SkyPark, which looks out at the glorious skyline of the city. There’s also the ArtScience Museum, which features an absolutely incredible visual experience as it displays the innovative fusion of two things you might expect just from the name: art and science. There is so much amazing stuff to do and see here… though I hesitate to check out the hotel prices for fear of shattering my dreams of visiting one day! Eh, just means I need to get promoted faster! Thank you tons for this amazing postcard and for your kindness, Lina!