I received this postcard from California! This is a gorgeous card of a gorgeous annual festival here in the States – the National Cherry Blossom Festival! It takes place in the one and only Washington D.C. Why is that? Back in 1912, the mayor of Tokyo presented the US (specifically, Washington D.C.) with 3,000 cherry trees! Tokyo – if you have any more trees to spare, PM me and I’ll give you my address 😉 The gift was a sign of continued friendship between the US and Japan… and actually, I recall there were some US stamps a few years ago that commemorated this act. Anyway, this festival is held in the spring (naturally, when the flowers are in full bloom), and lasts for about four weeks. What might you expect during that time? You’ll first and foremost definitely see a lot of pink – posters, paper lanterns, billboards, lights… you might think you’re at a breast cancer walk! (I say that because I attend breast cancer walks each year, and they are pink to the max!) Organizers hold events such as concerts, educational sessions, tours, and cultural performances, like scores played on taiko drums! Oh, and there’s also a sushi and sake celebration each day, which is enough to warrant a spring residence in D.C. Time to start saving up! That’s, for money and for appetite! Thank you so much for this awesome postcard and for your friendship always, Steve!