This handmade card comes from Canada! What you’re looking at is exactly what it reads – the zunzuncito, a.k.a. the bee hummingbird, which is the world’s smallest bird! Zunzuncitos are on average only 5-6 cm long – that’s about as long as the diameter of a soda can! (And that’s head to tail!) The nests they make are about half that size – in other words, the size of a quarter! Zunzuncitos are iridescently-colored birds that are native to Cuba. Their name comes from Spanish, and it refers to the sound of their wings when they flap them. There’s a verb “zunzuncir”, which means “to snore” according to one source and “to whistle” according to another… I wonder if it may simply refer to the “humming” portion of “hummingbird”. Anyway, they can flap their wings 80 times a second. Imagine clapping your hands this many times… in one gosh-dang second! Oh, and when they’re engaged in a courtship flight – a sort of mating ritual, I suppose – it can be as fast as 200 per second. Just goes to show what they’ll do to impress the ladies/dudes! These are very rare critters to come across – consider yourself fortunate if you do! (And, if you recognize it as a zunzuncito and not a bee, which it often gets mistaken for!) Thank you multitudes for this sweet postcard!