Are you interested in supermodels? Then without a doubt you’ll love this card from China! This is Canton Tower, located in Guangzhou, a city in the province of Guangdong (southeastern China). This building is an observation tower that holds a spot as the world’s fourth-tallest freestanding tower (so, in the same category as the Burj Khalifa and Tokyo Skytree). Its nickname is the “Supermodel”, which is why I made that really lame joke at the beginning inquiring about interests in supermodels. But there’s a reason for that nickname! Unlike many skyscrapers that are built prismatically, this one has a freeform architecture that looks like a slender waist, almost like the building’s wearing a corset. You can also see that it has a twist – the lattice structure of it isn’t just vertical and horizontal. Makes for a heck of a work of art! And thus is how it represents Guangzhou – a lively and exciting city! By the way – the nighttime view of the tower is super cool since it gets lit up. Worth checking out – even more enticing than regular supermodels! (Uh hold up what?) Thank you lots for sending this to me!