This handmade card came to me from the lovely parcel I mentioned about a week ago from Italy! This cookie is known as baci di dama, or “lady’s kisses”, a name given from its resemblance to kissing lips. And lemme tell ya, that’d be one sweet kiss as these cookies are made with hazelnut, and the filling from dark chocolate! Baci di dama comes from the region of Piedmont, which is located in the northwestern part of the country (where it borders some of the other European countries). Unironically, Piedmont is a large producer of hazelnut and chocolate. These cookies are known for “melting in one’s mouth”, and they’re a great accompaniment for post-dinner coffee. They look and sound amazing… I bet they’d be good with post-lunch coffee… post-breakfast coffee… pre-dinner coffee… midnight coffee… (just trying to find the many excuses I can find to daydream about eating these!) Thank you bunches for this lovely new snack to put on my “try” list, Antonella, and for your unending kindness!