Here is a very recently-received Official Postcrossing card from Belarus! Depicted is a miniature version of the city of Lviv, which is found in Ukraine. Lviv is located in western Ukraine, within the oblast (administrative region) of the same name. Lviv has quite the past as it belonged to a number of different countries over time. It might even be more complex than talking about my family tree! (A conversation that I’ve had with several wide-eyed folks!) The city, which is about 760 years old, started off as a big center for trade in Europe. Over time the possession of it switched quite a bit, finding itself under the rule of countries like Poland, Austria, Germany and (at the time) the USSR (and of course now it’s part of an independent Ukraine!) To further emphasize the diversity of the city, its multicultural status comes from influx of merchants, artisans and even invaders during the first centuries of its existence. For these reasons, Lviv is sometimes referred to as the most “European” city in Europe. (It’s a bit like the Texas of Europe with how much it was passed along!) The city is now a lesser-explored cultural and architectural gem, pleasantly lacking the tourists that other larger cities may have. As far as staples go, it’s known for its chocolate, its coffee and its beer, all of which boast museums to flaunt the goods. Now I did say this was a Miniature Lviv (because the card says so on the back), but the sight looks so realistic that I’m second-guessing myself. It does remind me of the equally-detailed Madurodam in the Netherlands, though. Thank you bunches for sending me this wonderful postcard, Anna!