Check out this postcard from China! We’re going back to Guangdong province, this time to the city of Foshan! Foshan doesn’t get nearly as much recognition as its Guangdong neighbor, Guangzhou, but we’re gonna take a look at a specific praiseworthy development in this city. First of all, I get a W for figuring out what this was without any Romanized characters. Was about to give up but I’m not about that life. Anyway, this here is Thousand Lantern Lake Park, an area a bit over one square km that was created as part of a decisive urban redevelopment project. There wasn’t much that I could find on this, but from what I understand it was a project done to integrate the industrial sector with recreational features so that it could attract both investors and tourists alike. From what I could tell, it would also allow for industrial growth without making it a “business-dominated” area that would discourage visitors. I’m not actually sure if I’m on the money with that assertion, but I see both big buildings and quaint gathering areas on this card, and the pictures I’ve seen online reinforce that. I feel like I’m back in my university urban planning course, except I’m writing waaaay less than I would in that class *shudders*. Thank you so much for sending this postcard to me!