Today the Aunties are relaxing in the woods! This one is postcard #14. First of all, how clever of Auntie on the left to use her cane as a lazyboy to rock her hammock. Just hope that branch holds up and doesn’t give the other Auntie a sudden wakeup call! There’s a picnic layout in front of them, cleared of all comestibles. I see what appears to be a guide on mushroom identification? Oh, there are mushrooms in front of the guide. How astute of the Aunties to learn some mycology while on their outing! Guess you can’t spell fungus without “fun”, after all. By the way, something fun that you can do on these cards – try to find the Inge Löök signature in each one! It’s a bit tricky to find, but it’s there! Thank you tons and tons, Ulli! (Gonna just keep thanking you with each post – #dealwiddit.)