Here’s a card I got from Russia! This is the Cathedral of Ss. Peter and Paul, the oldest landmark of St. Petersburg. I’ve gotta say this first – last year I had received a card of a Ss. Johns’ Cathedral, and I wondered how it would be named if the two saints’ names were different. The cheap way is using passive voice and taking out the possessive: Cathedral of Ss. Peter and Paul. Some sources denote it as Ss. Peter and Paul Cathedral, still without a possessive. Very curious. Anyway, the church is a Russian Orthodox church built in the Baroque style. It was built as a wooden church in the early 1700s (actually, just a month after the founding of St. Petersburg), and later as one of stone. As you can see, it’s got a reaaally tall bell tower – it’s the world’s tallest Orthodox bell tower, as a matter of fact! That same bell tower also establishes this church as the second-tallest building in the city. The bell tower does redeem itself in its history of attracting lightning, though. Incidentally, the bell tower burned down at one point from such an occurrence. Luckily when this happened, they were able to salvage one of the most valuable work within – the iconostasis. This is a wall or a screen that sits at the sanctuary of the church and bears multiple panels depicting biblical events. Might be easier just to find a photo of it online, though, because we all know my descriptions are substandard at best XD Thank you lots for sharing this postcard with me!