Here’s a cool Official Postcrossing postcard from Poland! Featured are five panels showing some of the views you can find in Kłodzko Valley, a mountain range located in southwestern Poland and going into the Czech Republic. Now, I recently did a post about nine different landmarks (the one on Vienna), so five is doable. In the top-left are the Stołowe Mountains, or Table Mountains, which are part of a sandstone mountain range (the only one of its kind in Poland). Due to its composition, there are some SUPER cool rock formations you can find here. Shown is the highest point on the range, Mount Szczeliniec. There is also another point on the range where there exists a rock labyrinth known as “Errant Rocks” (nicknamed “Rockville”), which looks wild! Top-right shows another view of the mountains (you can see the table likeness a bit more in this picture), with the village of Wambierzyce in the foreground. Wambierzyce, also known as the Silesian Jerusalem, is home to the Basilica of the Visitation, a basilica from the 1700s that you can see in this photo (it’s the largest building). Then in the middle is Kłodzko Fortress, surrounded by the town of Kłodzko. Kłodzko Fortress was fortified in the 1600s and 1700s, and it now serves as the main attraction of the town. Because of its stellar preservation, one can get a very accurate insight on military technology and soldier life by taking a tour here (ethnographers, unite!) Bottom-left shows Bear Cave, found in the Śnieżnik Mountains (still part of Kłodzko Valley, just not part of the Table Mountains). This cave is known predominantly for the excavations that took place there of cave bear fossils. “Cave bear” might sound a bit generic, but it’s actually a species of bear that went extinct over 20,000 years ago! Also, might I add that the walls of the cave according to this picture look like Cthulu mouths? Sorry. Oh, and speaking of bones – bottom-right shows the Skull Chapel, built in the 1700s. Yes, those are all human bones. This reminded me of Sedlec Ossuary in Poland’s neighboring country (Czech Republic), which I covered a bit some time ago. All right, I think I’ve reached my maximum capacity of brain usage… for the week (month [year]). Thank you lots for sending me this wonderful postcard!