I got this handmade card from Canada! Been getting quite the string of these handmade cards – flattering to have such effort put forth for someone like myself! This here is a really cool shot of the Manpupuner Rock Formations, found in the Virgin Komi Forests. The Virgin Komi Forests is a UNESCO World Heritage site found in Russia. Now, Russia is floopin’ massive, so lemme paint a picture for you so you can visualize where it’s at. The Ural Mountains run from around the middle of the Kazakhstani border with Russia, up to the north and ending by the Kara Sea. It’s considered to be western Russia, but it’s east of Moscow. The forests are in the northern part of the Ural Mountains. Anyway, the Virgin Komi Forests covers 32,800 square km, which is roughly the size of Taiwan. It is a boreal forest, or a taiga, which is generally characterized by an area of freezing temperatures and the high presence of coniferous trees (like pine trees). This one in particular is also home to some really cool mysteries, like the Manpupuner Rock Formations. (BTW the name is too good… the immature side of me approves XD) These rock formations are also known as the Seven Strong Men, as there are seven of them (and, if they were men, they’d probably be pretty darn strong…) Like the more popular Stonehenge and Easter Island Moai statues, the Manpupuner Rock Formations have no real traceable origins, though they’re considered to be karstic formations (if anyone remembers this from a post I did a while back, you get ten bucks… in APFY money…) It is said that visitors find themselves shedding all desires when they come here, and I could see why! This is one of those places that must be so liberating and so sublime compared to the daily human challenges! While this is a fairly popular spot to Russians, it’s not so well-known internationally. But now I (and you) know of its presence, so many thanks to the sender for sharing this with all of us!