An old pen pal from China sent me this postcard! First off, the name on this sign has a Romanization, so that is a plus (it means I don’t have to so incompetently use Kanji Writer to figure out the name). Though I could not find another picture online quite like this, it appears to be a sign for a museum located in Gulangyu Island, found in the southeastern coast of Fujian province. Strangely, there seems to be little that I can find about the museum, other than the fact that it has a ton of really old pianos. But then there is also a Gulangyu Piano Museum, yet I can’t seem to find a correlation between that and the one named here. Despite my research efforts, it seems nothing has yet struck a “chord”… perhaps I need to do better and “B sharp” about it. But instead I chose to pour my efforts into “A flat” series of piano puns. So on that “note”… thank you nonetheless for this lovely postcard and for your friendship, Aimee!