Niagara Falls part two! So the last card was sent to my brother… I felt it’d be appropriate to show first since it introduces the three waterfalls in three separate pictures. Now for some more juicy Niagara knowledge. By the way, the message on this card starts off as “someone told me that you like collecting postcards”… Apparently one of my family members had a 13-year foresight and shared it! On that note, I hope I don’t get a card that says “congratulations on your fifth child!”, or I might pass out… Okay that was a major detour right off the bat. Niagara Falls! Here we have another multi-view – can you guess which of these are Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil? Guess correctly and you’ll be rewarded with a fifth child. Okay I need to stop with that. Anyway, in the bottom-right panel you see something new – that’s the Rainbow Bridge, which extends across the Niagara River. The Rainbow Bridge was built in 1941, and it replaced its predecessor, the Honeymoon Bridge, which collapsed in 1938 due to an ice jam on the river. Fear not, folks – they’ve taken plenty of measures to make sure that doesn’t happen to this one! As you can see, the Rainbow Bridge lies behind the American Falls. If the light hits it just right, you’ll see a rainbow extend parallel to the structure. Makes for a stellar photo! In researching things about the falls, it looks like there is so much to do in the area, aside from simply gawking at this natural indulgence (which you’ll already be doing a lot of). Fine dining, wineries, water parks, shopping arcades, historical sites… you could easily make this a comfortable multi-day venture. Many thanks again to my Uncle Lin & Aunt Pat for these awesome postcards! I will definitely cherish them from now on – that’s a promise!