Here’s card #2 from the China bundle! Today we’re gonna talk a bit about the ancient art of Chinese shadow puppetry! This card explains how it originated – which I think is super neat. Of course, I had to watch some YouTube to get a good idea of how this puppetry worked. It first reminded me of Wayang puppets in Indonesian culture (wayang kulit is the name for shadow puppetry in Indonesia). The puppets (which look like what you see here) are EXTREMELY intricate in their design. It’s not something that you can just create with a pair of scissors! And not only are these puppets very detailed, but they are formed with deep consideration to mobility. In other words, it can be a very lovely puppet, but if the joints don’t move fluidly, it’ll be apparent come showtime. I’d also like to point out that contrary to what you might think of when you hear “shadow puppet”, they ARE painted. Why? The leather that is used has a translucent quality, so when the light shines behind it, the viewers can see the colors through the screen. It’s a stunning art form that is unfortunately slowly dying, and very much worth watching if you get the chance! Thank you so much for this super card!