This AMAZING work of art reached me as part of a parcel from Italy! This sender has sent me numerous handmade cards and they are always, always, always bringing they’re A-game when it comes to style and beauty. And what a fantastic reminder this is – these times that we live in can be easy to live in with a groundhog’s day kind of mindset. Too often do I personally find myself locked into routines more predictable than ever. But there is always a way to add color to one’s life! For example, just trying something new or doing something that has no practical application other than to inspire awe, wonder, or simple admiration. Like blowing bubbles! True story: I have a whole set of bubble liquid that I occasionally use. (Usually I let my AC unit blow them for me too…) And being surrounded by them is just… it’s just darn cool! Anyway, thank you so much Antonella for always sharing such refreshing and extraordinary works of art, with me and with those whose lives you consistently touch!