Here’s a pretty neat Official Postcrossing card from the United Kingdom! This is a look at a landmark in Russia’s capital, Moscow. This is Kazan Cathedral, an Orthodox church located in Red Square. As reference, Red Square is like the center square of the city, and it’s where you can see quite a few popular landmarks (like the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral). Kazan Cathedral’s origins date back to the early 1600s, when it was constructed out of wood. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a fire a few decades after, and reconstructed as a brick church. After some renovations over time, the church was fine until 1936, where it was ordered to be demolished by Stalin. Architect Peter Baranovsky tried to save the churches of Red Square (and succeeded with Saint Basil’s Cathedral), but was unable to do the same with Kazan Cathedral. So, he instead had the measurements of the cathedral recorded as soon as he found out it was going to be demolished. That foresight allowed it to be reconstructed outside of his own lifetime, and in 1993 Moscow was presented the wondrous structure you see here. Now that’s a man dedicated to his churches! Kazan Cathedral is finished in the style of the Naryshkin Baroque, or Moscow/Muscovite Baroque, which is simply a fusion of European Baroque and traditional Russian architecture. I believe one such characteristic would be things like those golden Hershey kiss spires. Sorry, that’s the first thing I think of when I see them… Anyway, this church is now open daily and offers Orthodox Christian services. They do not serve Hershey products… in case you were wondering… Thank you lots for sending me this cool postcard!