Here is an Official Postcrossing card from Hong Kong! It’s kinda crazy to imagine the ID on this card is HK-157480, when the most recently sent cards have IDs at nearly HK-700000! Anyway, this is a night view of Victoria Harbor, with one of the focal points in the bottom-center of the card: the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, or HKCEC. Opened in 1988, it’s served as a major venue that has held nearly 50,000 events, comprised mostly of trade fairs as you might imagine, although it’s hosted some concerts and other international musical performances as well. Just scrolling through the events they feature… lots of wedding fairs! The 100th Hong Kong Wedding Fair is slated for this summer, as a matter of fact! Surrounding the HKCEC are some buildings that you could identify simply based on their logos: Philips Electronics, Korean Airlines, Canon, Siemens, Hitachi, etc. Then there’s the Central Plaza building (the really tall one), which is the third-tallest tower in Hong Kong (and also can boast of having the world’s highest church! #ClosestToGod). I am the hugest sucker for nighttime city views, honestly! I can’t recall if I’ve seen this exact view in person (as I’ve visited HK a few times), but it sure represents the collective aesthetic beauty of the region well. Thank you so much for sending me this lovely postcard!