We’re back with a few recently-received postcards! After these I’ll have to do some digging in my collection to see what I can share. This one is a handmade card from Canada! The sender included a snippet of an article that explains what’s shown on the front. In the city of Burnaby (western Canada, just east of Vancouver), there is a project underway to create an overpass that’ll allow traffic to drive freely over the railroad shown here (the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, or BNSF, tracks), which otherwise causes traffic to be backed up from having to wait on the trains coming through. You can see the rendered version of the overpass on this card, which looks incredibly realistic if you ask me. The project is slated for completion in June of 2024 – until then, they’ll have to close up the railroad crossing a number of times a day. Hopefully it’ll be a hefty return on investment! This card was accompanied by a letter that was securely and creatively attached to it. I know this card shows an overpass but I could not “get over” how awesome this surprise was! (Sorry, I just really wanted to make an overpass pun… but the part about me loving this is genuine!) Thank you so much for another lovely postcard!