Well while I’m talking about St. Thomas, I thought I’d share this one from my grandparents! This card is addressed to my brother – Pirate Tyler at work again. So a little more about St. Thomas itself… I talked about Charlotte Amalie in my previous post, and that’s the capital of St. Thomas and largest city in the US Virgin Islands. It was originally settled in by the Dutch and the Danish in the 1600s, and around the mid-1750s became a Danish crown colony. “Crown colony” is a termed most often used for British territories, but in this context applies to Danish. It just refers to an overseas territory under the ownership of a sovereign nation. Today the Danish colonial architecture is still very much present, and you can visit the museums that share the history of the territory. Which is pretty interesting because when I think of the Caribbean Islands, my mind only goes to beachcombing, sun-soaking and someone playing steel drums – my mind doesn’t go to gettin’ my learnin’ on! But I like that! If you don’t feel like gettin’ your learnin’ on or listening to the pannists’ scores (pannists are the people who play steel drums… are steel drums actually a Caribbean thing by the way?), you can visit one of the many rum shops! In its early days as the area around the harbor was being built up, drinking establishments were one of the more common buildings. As a matter of fact, before it was Charlotte Amalie, it was called “Taphus”, as in “tap house”. Heck, no wonder the pirates were always hanging out there. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Thank you so much Pop & Gramma Kay for this postcard… on my brother’s behalf!