My Pop & Gramma Kay of course didn’t just send my brother a card… after all, family members seemed to know I collected postcards over a decade before I actually committed to the hobby. Check out this one featuring Barbados! Barbados is the easternmost island of the Caribbean, though it’s really an Atlantic Island as it’s not part of the Caribbean Sea. It’s the tomato of the Caribbean vegetable garden, if you will. It’s also important to note that unlike the US Virgin Islands, Barbados is a sovereign nation, which is the highest form of autonomy a geographical entity can have. So what is Barbados known for? Some may first think of Rihanna, who was born in this country and moved to the US from it 16 years later for her musical career. Others may think of the sweet tropical beaches, which there’s certainly no shortage of, along with snorkeling and surfing opportunities. Barbados is also considered to be the birthplace of rum! I know I talked up the presence of rum in St. Thomas in my last post, but apparently Barbados has over 1,500 rum shops, including one distillery that’s been making rum since 1703 – the oldest in the world! Hey, does that mean that Barbados too has a history of pirates hangin’ out? You bet! What else… oh, Barbados is also home to flying fish! That’s right – flying fish. Yes, they can’t actually fly, but they can glide up to 100 meters with some good wind. I just watched a video of it and it was RAD! They do this to escape predators in the ocean. Ironically, this makes them targets for the birds… so in this regard, that same video was also very anxiety-inducing XD And, as if it couldn’t get worse for these guys… they also are part of the national dish! Cou cou and flying fish, which is a concoction made from cornmeal, okra and these poor bottom-of-the-food-chain sons of guns. If I ever eat this, I will do so in deep reverence towards the flying fish that couldn’t make it. Rest in pieces… delicious, delicious pieces. Thank you so much Pop & Gramma Kay for that awesome postcard!