I’ve talked about a decent number of postcard series over this page: Inge Löök, Greetings From, Ever & Ein, etc… per request, I will now share about another type of card that’s been popular for a long time… Lali Riddle! I don’t believe I have any of my own to share (if I received one, then I probably didn’t know it was a Lali Riddle card), but I’ll stick a picture here just so you can see it! The Lali series is a work by French illustrator Magali Membré, a.k.a. Lali. As you can see below (and yes, I shamelessly picked a picture with the watermark… she deserves her credit!), her works feature a crowd of whimsically-drawn characters, who are often animals, monsters and food. In the middle is a short sentence in French – the riddle – which beckons the onlooker to spot something on the card, kinda like a Where’s Waldo/Where’s Wally sort of thing. For example, this cutely appetizing one asks “which burger will be eaten for dessert”? Pushing aside the notion of even considering to consume one of these adorable guys, there’s one that fits the bill here! SPOILERS: the one at the bottom of the card looks like a cake, which would be the answer! Conveniently, the answers for these riddles are put on the back of the card in scratchable ink, so you’ll never be stumped for too long! After doing my research on this series, it’s no wonder why these cards are so highly regarded. Lali not only cleverly makes a fun game, but she builds an entire world with her characters! The joy of the card does not merely end when you solve the riddle – it lives on in its warm and welcoming creations. And I don’t just mean warm because this one has hamburgers fresh off the grill! I would highly recommend checking out Lali’s site (http://www.lali.fr/en/) and the interview that Postcrossing did with her (https://www.postcrossing.com/blog/2015/06/17/stationery-makers-lali-cards)! (Thank you Deb for suggesting this topic!)