I received a request to share one of my favorite Native American postcards! I was so sure that I had at least one… but I think I was wrong TT_TT Luckily, I did come across one showing the First Nations of Canada! This one was sent to me back in 2015 – thank you so much again for sending this to me, Brenda! (And thank you Irma for the topic suggestion!) Here is the text from my 2015 post:

This postcard made its way to me from Canada! This shows the “First Nations” of Canada, which are essentially like the Native Americans of the US. The largest First Nations populations exist in British Columbia and Ontario, and there are nearly one million First Nations living in the country. There are 634 recognized First Nations governments/groups in Canada. Thank you so much for sharing this informative postcard with me and for your kindness, Brenda!