We’re gonna travel back just a few years from the last card I posted, to the turn of the century! Well, five months after the turn of the century… May of 2000! My Aunt Kathie took a trip to the city here – Atlanta! Located in the state of Georgia (southeastern US, directly north of Florida), Atlanta is the capital and most populous city in the state. At its 1837 founding, Atlanta served as the endpoint of one of the major railroad lines in the country, the Western & Atlantic Railroad, which extended north to Chattanooga, Tennessee. To this day Atlanta remains a huge transportation hub, sporting the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Speaking of being busy, Atlanta earned the slogan “The City Too Busy to Hate” in the 1960s, which stems from the civil rights movement that took place there. Atlanta was the site of much racial inequality and violence towards the African-American population in the decades following the American Civil War, but was also a city notable for its racial progression and desegregation efforts, which set it apart from other major cities at the time. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most prominent activists of this time period, was also born in Atlanta, and has a national historic park there which also serves as his gravesite. Atlanta – which gets tons of nicknames, by the way – has another nickname: the city in a forest. The reason for that? Nearly half of the city is covered by the tree canopy! So, you can partake in both the hiking opportunities and the nightlife within a pretty small window of time. Imagine showing up to the club with your backpack and boots… though I’m pretty sure they’d kick you out just for the backpack. I’ve got another Atlanta postcard to share for tomorrow, so I’ll conclude this post for now. Thank you so much Aunt Kathie for yet another awesome postcard from your travels!