So this postcard here was not actually addressed to me, but to my brother! My aunt was fair in making sure both of us got a card from her. I’m holding it hostage er I mean in safe keeping for now. Eric – if you want this card, just let me know. I won’t charge you too much for it 😛 Shown here is another view of Atlanta, and more precisely it’s the original World of Coca-Cola building, found in the shopping district known as Underground Atlanta. The Coca-Cola Company was founded in Atlanta in 1892, and nearly 100 years later (1990), this attraction was built to showcase the company’s history. Visitors can learn about how the beverage is concocted, see the bottling process, get their photo with the Coca-Cola polar bear, and participate in a slew of other activities. Oh, and I guess “drink Coke” is worth mentioning. Yeah, that’s kind of a major pointer. I stated earlier that this was the “original” building – that’s because in 2007, it relocated to a different part of the city. An anecdote about Coca-Cola that I’d like to share, related to my previous post: upon Martin Luther King’s receipt of the Nobel Prize in 1964, a small committee came up with the idea to host a dinner in honor of his achievement. The selling point: it would be an integrated dinner, with both the white and black population – which was an unheard of idea at the time. When the invitations were sent out to white business leaders, only a small amount responded. Fearing for an embarrassingly low turnout, the mayor consulted the Coca-Cola Company for intervention (which, based on its position, would be VERY influential). The CEO, J. Paul Austin, thus publicly stated that “Coca-Cola cannot stay in a city that’s going to have this kind of reaction and not honor a Nobel Peace Prize winner”. The result? A monumental sell-out of tickets and a turnout of nearly 1,600 guests! Shoooo, I’ll drink a coke to that! Sorry Eric – I decided I’m keeping this card! (JK buddy… but I’m upping the price for it XD) Thank you so much again for thinking of us, Aunt Kathie!