So I’m having a bit of a postcard shortage right now as I haven’t been sending too many cards (and I know many haven’t as well). So, I’m sharing a few throwbacks from my FB page as well as any other topics that I get requests to do. Feel free to comment below if you have anything you’d like featured that is related to postal and international stuff. Anyway, one of my first requests was to share my very first postcard. If I’m not mistaken, it would be this one from France, sent from my aunt! I posted this last year on my FB page and captioned it with the below:

So I was going through some old family photos and I stumbled upon this piece of gold here from France! And dude – this is postmarked from 1999! I was STOKED! At this point I was seven years old, and yeah to a degree I appreciated the sentiment of the postcard I’m sure (I was a little goody two shoes as a kid)… but now I’m like crazy excited about it! Big shout out to my Aunt Kathie for this one – it is so thoughtful of you to always send me cool stuff from your travels! I’m never gonna let this one slip away from me again!