Now that I’ve already featured the first postcard I’ve ever received, I figured I’d also share the first one I received over Official Postcrossing! My first PC postcard was from Brazil! This is a card featuring Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia, located in the middle of the eastern coast. Salvador, one of the oldest colonial towns in the continent, is divided into two sections: Cidade Alta (Upper Town) and Cidade Baixa (Lower Town). The Upper Town, which sits on a cliff, is where you can find the colonial-style buildings and cobblestone streets, along with your normal distribution of activities: museums, bars, restaurants, and arts academies. The Lower Town is more of a commercial center. There’s a neat-lookin’ elevator called Elevador Lacerda, which allows access from the Lower Town to the Upper Town (and vice-versa… unless you have a parachute!) One quite notable feature of Salvador is its Afro-Brazilian culture. Around its found time in the mid-16th century, the city was one of the first ports for the slave market. As such, much of the population bears ancestry from this time period. The cool part is that Salvador is considered to be one of the cities that has preserved the heritage of those ancestors the best! For example, samba parties are common in this city. Samba is a musical genre and dance style that bears roots in African culture, and it’s often recognized as a symbol of Brazil. African-influenced dishes are also largely prevalent in the city. One such dish is acarajé, inspired from Nigeria’s akara, a type of black-eyed pea fritter. The main add-on is the paste that gets stuffed into the fritters, which is composed of ingredients like cashews, palm oil and SHRIMP! Had to capitalize the word “shrimp” because shrimp rules, bro. Gosh, for like six years I missed out on learning all the cool stuff from this card – better late than never I guess!