We’ve got another card from Finland! This one shows a sight in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, located in the northern part of the country. Specifically, this sight is Šnelli Tiik, which is the name of the pond here. This pond can be found in the center of the city right by Toompea, a limestone hill that’s part of Tallinn’s Old Town. So, look on the northern edge of Estonia for Tallinn, then the center of Tallinn for the Old Town, then the northeastern part of the Old Town for Toompea Hill, and finally the northern area of Toompea for this pond. Ya got all that? Also, the backdrop for the pond is the Stenbock House, which is where the country’s government office is located. The Stenbock House, which was completed in 1792, was built in the neoclassical style. And what might that style be? Neoclassical architecture is typically characterized by flat roofs, the use of columns, simple form, and graaaaaand. It’s kind of a throwback to Greek/Roman architecture. Examples of neoclassical today would be the White House in the Washington DC and the Bank of England in London. The Stenbock House is a more simplified version of it, but I think today it looks more neoclassical than in this picture (for example, there’s now a façade with pillars). I must say – thanks to postcards, I know way more about architecture than I ever have. I feel like a “stonk” meme would be appropriate – “arkitek”, perhaps. Thank you Ulli for your endless amounts of awesomeness!