We all need a LOL every once in a while. Actually scratch that, perhaps we need a lot, and frequently. This is a handmade meme postcard from Canada! I think this is pretty self-explanatory… TP on the black market (or I guess the white market?) While that part is certainly chuckle-worthy, I got a kick out of the “vegan” TP on the bottom-right there. But, before I had the chance to be ignorant, I looked it up… and sure enough there is a thing called vegan toilet paper! Non-vegan TP – which embodies most brands – has animal-derived materials (ADMs) such as gelatin to hold the ingredients together. I’m not really sure what the alternative is that vegan TP rolls use… but very interesting nonetheless. That all aside, I genuinely hope everyone is well-stocked with essentials and is staying well! Thanks so much for sending another awesome handmade card my way!