Check out this postcard from Canada! We’re broad aboard the hand-built sailing vessel “Infinity”, the star of the documentary “Sea Gypsies”. If you wanna see some daring traversals through unpredictable waters, ominous storms and freezing temperatures, this is something to pick up. In the latest 2017 expedition, a group of nomadic sailors (with no permits or insurance or basically any safety nets) took a voyage of over 12,000 km from Patagonia, Argentina to Auckland, New Zealand, via an Antarctic route. And boy was it rough. The narrator of the trailer described how powerful the waves where, and how the visibility was deteriorating moment by moment, and how the sprays from the oceans turned to ice shards before hitting the deck. On top of everything I mentioned about the waters, storms and temperatures, managing the duties on board was no walk in the park. Though Infinity is a tough ship, it’s not ice-resistant. Throughout the journey, the crew was faced with a multitude of mechanical issues and stuff breaking, including torn sails and flooded ship components. With assistance very much out of reach, the crew had only itself to rely on to brave the journey. And in in spite of the brutality of it all… the adventure that came from it was like no other. Holy cow dude… what can I even say? Deadliest Catch, where you at? (Kidding of course – mad respect for all those who do this kind of stuff while my pampered, sedentary rear sits here in a temperate home). Thank you so much for this awesome postcard!