This is probably the third tiger card in a month! Official Postcrossing card from France! I was wondering why the stream of tiger postcards (NOT complaining at all though, these are lovely creatures!)… and then I remembered that I listed them as an example of what kinds of animal cards I would love (I love all but I casually listed some examples to show the range of my animal-card-liking… does that even make sense?) I am not sure which species of tiger this is, but I’ll just include some general fun facts about tigers. Here’s one I had no idea about – a group of tigers is known as either a streak or an ambush. Given their stealthy hunting style, the latter definitely seems fitting. Probably one of the most dangerous-sounding units of quantity, next to a murder of crows XD Also, has anyone heard of a liger or a tigon? I’ve heard of ligers (thanks to “Zoids” from my childhood), but not tigons! As you can imagine, they are hybrids of tigers and lions. I just finished watching a video where a liger by the name of Freckles (she had no stripes but her face had some residual black marks from her “tiger side”, which looked like freckles) was rescued from a cramped sanctuary. While the concept is pretty cool, this kind of breeding makes the offspring very prone to genetic abnormalities and consequently adverse health conditions. So, let’s leave the creation of ligers to robotic ones, like in Zoids. Thank you lots for sending me this awesome postcard!