Here’s a postcard I received from Indiana! I’ve probably featured one or two of these types of map cards here before – and now I have the Hoosier State! Indiana is located in the midwestern part of the country. It’s two states directly left of mine: Pennsylvania, then Ohio, then Indiana. I’ve visited a close friend of mine and her family a number of times in Indianapolis, especially back when I was living in Kentucky. I have yet to see the Indie 500 though. Anyway – and I’ve probably said this before – but I love these map cards because of all the facts they feature! So I’ll talk a bit about one of the greatest questions regarding Indiana: what the heck is a Hoosier? A Hoosier is the nickname given to residents of Indiana. Actually, scratch that – as of 2016, it is the official demonym used to denote them! Indiana is the only state where the demonym does not feature the state name. So you’ve got Texans, Minnesotans, Alaskans, New Hampshirites, etc., but no Indianans! Only Hoosiers! The origin of the name “Hoosier” is widely debated. Some stories include census workers coming to homes asking “who’s here?” Others include a contractor by the name of Hoosier, who preferred to hire Indianans (later called “Hoosier’s men”. Whatever the case may be, I’m still in mild awe that “Hoosier” is the official term for Indianan residents. So if you live in Indiana and the 2020 census asks you “who’s here?” (“Hoosier?”), you just gotta say “yep!” (Actually don’t, or they’ll really come to your house asking about “who’s there”…) Thanks so much Deb & Brantley for this awesome postcard!