I’m absolutely lovin’ this Official Postcrossing postcard from Russia! This features a fan book of the anime/manga series Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, or simply REBORN! The premise of REBORN! (yep it’s all caps and ends in an exclamation mark) follows teenager Tsunayoshi Sawada, who meets a hitman that becomes his home tutor. Two interesting things to note, though: 1.) the hitman is an infant (yep you heard that right – only in anime does this concept work!), and 2.) Sawada is being trained to take the position of tenth boss of the Vongola Famiglia, the most powerful mafia organization in Italy. After all, he finds out that he is in line to inherit such position. From what I understand, this is a pretty long series… so naturally, I have yet to watch or read it! Anyway, this here is a fan book of the series… which I think means that it’s an alternate take on it? It might be a doujinshi work, which is a self-published piece of literature, which often includes manga and novels. Thank you tons for making my day with this cool postcard, Raisa!