On snap we’ve got an anime card on deck from Texas! This is from the popular anime/manga series known as Attack on Titan. In this series, there are these giant man-eating humanoid creatures known as Titans that have been roaming the world and driving humanity to the point of being nearly extinct. The Titans are gruesome-looking – some of which are akin to anatomical models – and range from 3-15 meters tall. That’s on some David & the Goliath type of stuff! Anyway, the humans managed to isolate themselves in safety using three circles of 50-meter walls, which prevented Titans from entering for many years after. Unfortunately, they one day manage to break in, and the city within is ravaged. Eren Yeager, who witnesses the destruction of the city (and even watches his mother get eaten by one of the Titans), vows to get rid of all the Titans after the tragedy. The series thus proceeds with him and his friends attempting to do just that. Featured in this card are protagonists Mikasa Ackerman (Eren’s adopted sister, left) and Krista Lenz (right). When fighting Titans, always remember to stretch first. Also… that six-pack though! I have yet to watch this series but I am now more intrigued than ever. Thank you so much for this super postcard, Erika!