Here is a New Year’s postcard from Indonesia! We have here a night city view of the oh-so well-known Jakarta, capital of Indonesia! I’ve spoken quite a bit about Jakarta before so let’s take a look at some random facts about this large city. 1.) Jakarta’s official nickname is The Big Durian, which borrows from New York City’s nickname, The Big Apple. Jakarta’s rapid growth is comparable to that of NYC’s, which is why it bears that name. If you don’t already know, durians are a huge fruit staple in the country. And, I don’t care WHAT you’ve heard from others – they’re yummy as heck! (Kidding of course, everyone can have their opinion… but I’m not kidding about how good they are!) 2.) Because of high traffic volumes in Jakarta, there used to be a “three-in-one rule”, where during rush hour, cars had to have three or more people in order to travel along the major roads. This was to make it more manageable to travel, though of course it added the burden of needing passengers during those times. Thus came the rise of car jockeys, who were passengers that were employed to simply be in the cars to bypass the rule. Kinda clever if I may say so myself. In 2016, however, the rule changed to the “odd-and-even rule”, putting car jockeys out of business. The new rule made it so that only vehicles with even-number license plates could travel on major roads during rush hour on even days, and likewise with odd-number license plates and days. I had heard about the three-in-one rule but not the newest one – any testimonies on how effective it is? 3.) A head pat is considered to be offensive. In most places, it’s a show of affection, but for Jakarta (and I suppose Indonesia in general), because the head is considered to be sacred (where the spirit resides), it’s not polite to do. But there are plenty of other ways to show affection! Like sharing your durian with the other person! (If you share with me you’ll definitely receive my affection – TRUST!) Thank you so much for this wonderful postcard and for all your kindness, Husnul!