We’ve got another tiger on deck from Belgium! We talked about the Bengal tiger previously; now, we shall learn about the South China tiger, or Panthera tigris amoyensis! Unlike the Indian and Siberian tigers, this species is much less common. South China tigers are found exactly where you might expect – in the southern provinces of China. They share many characteristics with the Bengal tiger: appearance, hunting style, diet, etc. I’d say one of the major differences is the habitat – for the South China tigers, there is low prey density, meaning that it’s harder to find prey than it is for say the Bengal tiger. This is partially the reason why these tigers hunt in a “feast or famine” fashion – meaning, they either don’t eat, or they eat a lot! (Between 18-40 kg in one sitting!) This would be like having no food in the house, but having access to an extravagant buffet… except, you have to find the one that’s open… with no GPS. Anyway, because of the low prey density, and of course because of hunting and other forms of human encroachment, South China tigers are on the critically endangered list. This is a step higher than “endangered” and just before “extinct in the wild”, with about 20 tigers known to be in existence. It saddens me to hear this… but I know there are conservation efforts being tirelessly made to help animals like these. And awareness is always a good thing too! Thank you lots for sending me this wonderful postcard!