Let’s take a look at this postcard from India today! Some time ago I shared a card showing numerous titles from the Indian film industry. This one, from the same sender, focuses on one, and that is the 1975 classic known as Sholay! This film is considered to be one of the biggest hits in the history of Indian films, earning several awards and “top film” titles. It’s a film about two ex-criminals – Veeru and Jai – who are hired to capture a bandit by the name of Gabbar Singh. Sholay is an action-adventure film with love elements planted throughout, and it received much acclaim despite the negative reviews it received when it was released.  It was thanks to word of mouth praise from viewers that Sholay was able to overcome the poor return on investment following the release date. Fun fact: it was released on August 15th, which is the Independence Day in India (specifically, 28 years prior). Nothin’ like a bangin’ movie to celebrate! Thank you so much for sending this to me and for all your kindness, Sagar!