A few weeks ago I posted a card of a taco smile (that’s my best descriptor) sent from Finland – this one is a handmade card from the same sender/parcel! I just wanna say this is a cool friggin’ card! I adore all the snippets of lines from magazines and the ambience of the background pictures (is that matcha in the upper-right?), plus the washi tape “holding” the pictures in place. You could find so much meaning behind the words. For example, the words on the matcha – “people tend to get hooked on everything that we have done”… so often do I find myself thinking about something embarrassing or stupid that I did years ago. But I know it’s foolish to do that, as there so much “present” yet to live. Also, “the element of our inner selves mesmerizes and calms intrigued human beings” – to me, those who are curious about intellectual or spiritual introspection may find peace in this kind of understanding. You could attribute many interpretations to these lines, of course (that’s the reason why I enjoyed literature class in high school so much!) Thank you bunches for all your amazing gifts and your awesomeness, Ulli!