Oh snap we have a pretty well-known postcard series featured today from Finland! Many Postcrossers know of the Inge Löök postcards, which are highly sought by collectors. Inge Löök is a Finnish illustrator and a gardener – an intentional balance between indoor and outdoor activities. Her main postcard works are grouped into three sets: Garden, Aunties, and Christmas. This card is from the Aunties (or Grannies) collection, which features two nearly-toothless old ladies reveling in their friendship. The first Aunties illustration was done in 2003, and since then there has been much continuation of the aunties’ adventures. Inge worded her feelings about the aunties so well: “I prefer to explore the inner world of the aunties, as opposed to their outer shell.” Honestly reading Inge’s insights on her website is pretty enlightening (www.ingelook.com, if you’re curious). This card here does not fall any bit short of illustrating the wacky and beautiful friendship that these two ladies have. And, toilet-humor lover that I am, I’m very amused by the plunger helmet. Fun fact: the aunties were inspired by two women that Inge lived in the same residential building with as a kid! But they’re a lot more adventurous in the cards! There is so much to adore about these cards and about Inge’s insights on life – I’ve barely scratched the surface! But with this being my FIRST Inge Löök postcard (as far as I can remember, at least), I’m so glad to be part of the fun now! Thank you sooooooo much, Ulli! You da best!