Here’s an interesting Official Postcrossing card from Oregon! As you can tell, this here is a logging truck in one of the US’s western states. Until recently, logging and lumber harvesting were some of Oregon’s most prominent industries as nearly half of the state is forestland. Oregon was also the first state to implement laws regarding the balance of harvesting and forestland conservation, thanks to the Oregon Forest Practices Act. It goes without saying that the topic of logging and deforestation can be a sensitive one. There are benefits (such as creating more space for the growth of the human population, providing materials, and creating jobs) and there are detriments (such as increasing carbon dioxide since trees respire with it and in turn produce oxygen, and of course sharply hurting wildlife). Especially since I’m a lover of postcards, I’m inclined to be ambivalent on the matter myself. But! That’s where individual action comes in – I personally think any chance that we have to conserve in our own ways helps, even if a little bit. For example, I recently learned how to make paper from the scraps of shredded documents I have, thanks to my fam who gave me a papermaking kit for Christmas! I mean, I’ve made only about three sheets… but still! Also, just a note on the card itself… that truck is LOADED! Hope you’re not going through any tunnels, mate! Thanks so much for sending me this postcard, Cindy!