Got this Official Postcrossing card from Japan! We’re looking at gang of deer (which are illuminated in quite the heavenly manner) strolling around Nara Park. This park is in Nara prefecture, which is in the mid-southern part of the country. The sighting of deer is VERY common in this park – as a matter of fact, it’s considered to be a “deer sanctuary”, serving as a home to over a thousand free-roaming deer! Many visitors come to Nara to experience this neat park and feed the deer. They sell deer crackers (or “shika senbei”), which can be used to feed them. As you can imagine, they get along well with humans, and they’re even known for doing mock bows before receiving their treats. So the respect is certainly mutual! Deer in Nara are nationally revered, and their protection is paramount, with fines and jailtime imposed for anyone who attempts to hunt them (like this one guy from 2010… what a party pooper…) I have to say – this all reminds me of Fripp Island, South Carolina, where I stayed with my family for the weekend while partaking in a breast cancer walk. The deer there are so comfortable with humans that I bet I could’ve taken one home with me if I wanted. Deer elsewhere… you just have to blink hard enough and they’ll bolt to the other end of the world. But I get it! It’s hard being a deer. That’s why I give mad props to Nara Park for what it represents! Also, thank you tons Li Ming Xuan for sharing this marvelous postcard with me!