Here is a cute postcard I received from Germany! The saying on this card translates to something like “I am not responsible for trivia”. I don’t mean the kind of trivia you would do in games like Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy! – rather, I mean “little, insignificant things”. That being said, I’m curious to know if anyone has an opinion on this saying! Is this something like “don’t sweat the small stuff”, or does it embrace the little things in life (like dancing like a ghost among mathematical symbols? :P) The “trivia” in life are great because we have the freedom to put them into perspective. We can appreciate the good pillepalle and ignore or gracefully accept the bad pillepalle (and move on). It’s hard to do this sometimes though. Work for me is full of pillepalle and only recently have I managed to not let it bring me down (for now!) This applies to many other parts of life too. But I sincerely believe how we view our pillepalle can really shape the enjoyment of our lives. Anyway, I hope that can be a helpful insight for someone 🙂 Thank you so much for sending me this marvelous postcard and for all your kindness, Melanie!