Here’s a meetup postcard that was sent to me from Germany! This card mentions that it was a Berlin- Köpenick meetup. I know most of you are familiar with Berlin (the capital); so, Köpenick is a historic town in the southeastern part of that city. What’s shown on the card is a statue in Köpenick of Wilhelm Voigt, standing outside Köpenick city hall. This guy… he’s got quite a story. Born in 1849, he, for most of his life, was a criminal, though for a particular feat in the second half of his life he was regarded as a folk hero. From adolescence to his middle-aged years, Voigt racked up a string of prison sentences for things like theft and burglary. When he wasn’t in prison, he worked as a shoemaker in Berlin. It wasn’t until 1906 that he really pulled out the big guns. He was gonna rob the mayor of Köpenick. So, he bought and dressed up in some German officer apparel, tested out a couple of commands to German soldiers (y’know, to see if he could pull authority over them), and then put forth his plan. He gathered about 20 German soldiers and told them that the mayor was to be arrested for embezzlement, and sent them off to execute the plan. As the mayor was being taken away, Voigt snuck about 4,000 marks (over 2,000 USD) from the cashbox and hit the road! It wasn’t until a bit later that the soldiers and police realized this was all a hoax, so they set out to find him and captured him a few days later. He was sentenced to four years in prison, but the Kaiser (or the German emperor – Wilhelm II, at the time) pardoned him, supposedly amused by the story. Who wouldn’t be? Voigt’s story was incorporated into a play (the Captain of Köpenick) and a few movies, and his statue now stands at the Köpenick city hall. Y’know, where the mayor works. Strangest thing ever. But I absolutely love the story. Thank you so much Gaby for this awesome postcard and for all your kindness!