Got this Official Postcrossing card from Thailand! Before continuing this post, I need you all to take a moment and find your zen… inhale deeply and exhale gently, clearing your mind of the unnecessary. Extend your arms as demonstrated by my lovely and unsuspecting assistant here, and let a deep wave of calm envelop your being. Relax. Relax some more. Okay don’t slouch, that’s too relaxed. All right you’re all set to take on reality again, thanks for joining me on another episode of A Postcard for Yoga! Also thanks for letting me do my comedy routine, I need one of those every so often. ANYWAY… what’s featured here is The Peninsula Hotel, a 5-star luxury hotel franchise based internationally (mostly in the US and Asia, though). The one in Thailand is based in Bangkok, and rooms start at around 300 USD… which is not actually bad considering the one I saw for Tokyo was over 1,000. But that’s the base rate anyway! I once stayed at a 4-star hotel in Los Angeles (I may have shared this with the OG APFY page-goers), and that was a rad time. The experience wasn’t particularly mind-blowing – awesome, but just short of mind-blowing – until it was breakfast time. Oh how I’d love to have that again. I can only imagine the ones at The Peninsula – with its international influences – would be like. Okay I said about two sentences related to this card, and the rest were just me being a dork. Thank you so much for this lovely postcard!