Here’s a neat postcard from Texas! To answer the question proposed here… no, I certainly did not know that Texas was under six flags! But apparently Six Flags (the amusement park) is headquartered in Texas… so there’s a bit of coincidence for ya. Anyway, like I always say, cards like these rule because of how the facts are already displayed on the front. But I’ll fill you in on some additional facts for your reading pleasure! As you can see, France had Texas for a small period in between Spain. Like a massive sandwich bun with about half a piece of lunchmeat. During that time, France – led by Robert Cavalier de La Salle – had attempted to establish a colony in southeastern Texas. The colony did not do well at all – La Salle and some of his men were assassinated in an act of mutiny, and those that tried to get outside help for the colony were unsuccessful. When the Spanish found the remains of the colony, they buried all the cannons and burned the buildings. No trace of the settlement was left… until 1996 when eight French cannons were discovered during an excavation! Another interesting thing I came across: at the time, France didn’t have an official flag. So, when referring to the “six flags over Texas”, one “flag” used for France is this one, which is a version of the royal flag.  Wow, that was a lot about a failed colony. But I felt like it needed some love. Thank you so much for sharing this postcard with me, Erika!