Check out this Official Postcrossing card from California! I can’t tell if there’s a slight reddish filter applied to the picture, or if some of these people are just straight-up toasted from the sun. “It’s not sunburn, it’s a vitamin D overdose!” I’ll take a toothache, a stomachache, a migraine and sore muscles over sunburn any day – I can’t stand sunburn. Yet I’m also not the best at applying sunblock. So yeah, I make my bed and I sleep in it (or on it, because I’m too burnt to be under the dang covers!) Okay enough of my brain-rotting nonsense… San Diego! This is a city located by the southwestern corner of California, close to the border with Mexico. It’s the country’s eighth-largest city and second-largest in the state (behind Los Angeles). San Diego is a center for things like tourism, manufacturing, trade, military activities, and – in recent years – biotechnology. It is “America’s Finest City”, and it gets that title for its plethora of beaches, its ideal year-round climate, its delicious food (especially because of the Mexican influence, yum!), and its friendly environment. San Diego is home to renowned landmarks such as Balboa Park (which is almost twice the size of NYC’s Central Park), the San Diego Zoo, and Sea World San Diego. With its breweries, restaurants, beaches, museums, cultural institutions, etc., there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. Fun fact: there’s a $250 implemented for anyone who leaves their Christmas lights up past February 2nd. The reasons are sensible in my opinion – they give off a sense of neglect in the neighborhood and pose a safety hazard. I wonder if I will finally have my Christmas tree and lights packed up by the time I post this. That’s a big ask, though. Thanks so much for sending me this postcard!