Here is an Official Postcrossing card from Russia! This wondrous art piece is a work from Tatyana Perova, and it is titled “Dream Hunters” (or “Dreamcatcher”, according to the site in which this card came from – I can’t seem to find anything on the artist, but in looking at her other works, this one seem to stand quite in contrast to them, in both theme and style. The aesthetics alone look something like a dream, with the foggy-looking background and the peacefully floating particles, which almost look like snow. The objects in the girl’s hair appear to be a reflection of lights projected through windows. Yet, you can see the little bird plucking one of the reflections from where it sits, assigning it tangibility and thus making the sight more dreamlike. Or, perhaps the bird is creating a building out of the girl’s hair, and instead of removing the windows, is placing them. It kind of looks like the birdcage is being carried by the girl like a backpack, signifying that they are on a journey. I wonder if the strip of darkness over her eyes also bears meaning, like a small indication that she is not in the waking world. Interpreting art is fun. Makes me feel sophisticated too, hehe. I really like this card! Thanks so much for choosing this one for me!