Check out this Official Postcrossing card from Germany! This shows a café and harbor in Carolinensiel, an area in the northwestern coast of Germany (specifically, Lower Saxony). The café is called Heimathafen Carolinensiel, and Koje 9 is the house that you can stay at alongside the harbor. In short, it’s a package for a peaceful holiday! What I really like about this card is the pre-written text on the back of it – it’s in German, but it basically speaks from the sender’s point of view and lets the recipient know that he or she is enjoying a nice drink of _____ and won’t be coming back until (a choice of) later, much later, or never at all. Just thought that was kinda cute. Also I may just do this for work… although then my paycheck would come back “never at all” too. Good thing I think these things through. Thank you so much for sending this postcard to me!