Here is a postcard from Thailand! This was from the same sender who sent me the Neji Hyuga Naruto card, and as you might be able to tell, this card is in the same style. Today we’re featuring Haku, a ninja of the Yuki Clan! Haku is a character that possesses a kekkei genkai, which I guess is a DNA mutation that gives the user special abilities. Haku’s kekkei genkai is that of Ice Release, which is a power that combines water and wind. Several characters in the series have the Ice Release kekkei genkai, but one of Taku’s signature ways of channeling it is by creating mirrors of ice, which he can surround an adversary with and enter through/exit from instantaneously to surprise him or her. Haku, while very powerful, doesn’t like to kill his opponents, and will even put them close to death or knocked out in order to prevent them from fighting any more. As I mentioned before, I haven’t watched the series or read the manga, so my summary on this character is pretty mediocre. But the ice mirror thing is cool, pun somewhat intended. Thanks so much for another wonderful postcard, Ploy!