Here’s a cool Official Postcrossing card from Germany! This is a movie postcard for Alita: Battle Angel, which just came out last year! This is an action film based on a manga from the first half of the 1990s titled “Gunnm”, alternatively titled “Battle Angel Alita”. The manga takes place in a dystopic world – specifically, a city called Scrapyard (that name just oozes dystopia). Cyber doctor Daisuke Ido comes across a female cyborg head in a dump one day, and decides to reconstruct her using a beefed-up robotic body known as the Berserker. The cyborg – which Ido names Alita – has no memories, but soon has a legendary martial art known as Panzer Kunst reawakened in her. Panzer Kunst is a martial art specific to the Battle Angel franchise – in short, it’s a flexible style of fighting that adapts to different types of atmospheres (like those with no gravity) and different opponents (armed ones, big ones, etc.) So with this, she sets off to become a bounty hunter to take out criminals. I think the live-action movie follows this premise pretty moderately, though I have yet to watch it so I can’t say for sure. Plus I might wanna read the manga first before anything. I did see the trailer for this at a convention I attended last year, and I admit it looks pretty dope! And I really enjoy movies with lots of fighting and action. My diplomatic nature belies my interests, hehehe. Thank you so much for this awesome postcard, Melanie!